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This industry’s relentless quest to build the longest-hitting 6-iron is causing problems for all golfers.

Very simply, ‘modern’ sets of irons give you too many long clubs with too-small distance gaps, and fewer

clubs and larger distance gaps for those crucial shots played in prime scoring range.

This chart illustrates how these longer-hitting 6-irons are more a result of loft and length ‘migration’ than any applied technologies. Some are as low as 26 degrees – stronger than the 4-iron that Mr. Hogan played when he dominated professional golf 60+ years ago.

As a result, the lofts of your long irons and hybrids have been squeezed together, with only 2.5 to 3 degrees between them. That’s not enough to give you reasonable distance differences between these clubs. 

To compensate for this loft compression at the long end of your set, the loft differences between your short irons and wedges have been quietly expanded to as much as 5°. Why should you settle for the resulting larger distance gaps in prime scoring range, where you need precision distance control the most?

We determined this big problem would require a bold solution.

The Hogan PreciseLoft™ System

The FT. WORTH ironsPTx irons and TK wedges are offered in every loft from 20 to 63 degrees. It’s the only way to ensure that each golfer can get a set of irons and wedges precisely matched to their game.

First, by re-arranging your personal loft matrix to 4° gapping throughout the set, only Ben Hogan can give you more sensible distance differences at long range and tack driving accuracy and distance control as you get closer to the green. The number on each iron reflects its exact loft, rather than a “5”, “7” or “P”.

Secondly, your new ‘Hogans’ will have the precise loft matrix that is accurately matched to your strength profile and your launch angle tendencies. And your set will be built to legendary Hogan standards. Very simply, your new ‘Hogans’ will be the most precisely-calibrated set of irons and wedges you can own.

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