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The two-piece design of RedZNE Wedges delivers both feel and control.


The most advanced and accurate wedge shafts ever. Now redesigned with new innovative upgrades for maximum spin performance and better feel. RedZNE is packed with performance benefits and is compatible with all wedge brands. Enjoy a soft feel, while achieving superior distance control and precision with every swing.


  • Stiffer Carbon Fiber upper section- 54% stiffer for a consistent, smooth feel with no recoil
  • Maximum spin performance for 50% better accuracy
  • High-performance carbon fiber tips for lower launch and improved distance control
  • Redesigned connectors for optimized weight distribution, you’ll feel the difference in every swing


Versatility & Shot Performance
3 weights: 90 gm, 115 gm or 130 gm for optimal feel, control and consistency.

RedZNE Wedge Shaft

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