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Designed for higher swing speed players with 7 iron distances of 160 yards and more.




Leading performance for leading players.
The new 4-piece PRIME 4.0 provides golfers with what is needed to execute every shot.

  • Ultra-fast core for our fastest speed and low spin on drivers and fairway woods.
  • Mantle layers work together for optimal speed, spin, and flight for superior iron play.
  • XV3 Urethane cover provides ultimate greenside control, excellent durability, and a slightly firmer feel on this model. 

*Snell PRIME 4.0 Golf Ball

HK$300.00 Regular Price
HK$270.00Sale Price
  • - 4 Piece Construction
    - New XV3 Urethane Cover
    - 85-90 Compression Range

  • Built for Mid-High swing speed players seeking Total Control.
    - High Speed, Low Spin Core for Long Distance
    - Mid-High Short Iron Spin
    - Additional Mantle Layer for Long Iron Control
    - Soft Feel & Ultimate Greenside Control

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