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Introducing the PTx. The most advanced Hogan irons ever.

We talked to hundreds of golfers who said they wanted more out of their irons.  More forgiveness of their off-center hits . . . penetrating trajectories in their scoring irons . . . higher ball flight in their lower lofts . . . the confidence of a slightly larger profile at address . . . and more offset.

But none of them wanted to give up the solid feel and ability to hit different golf shots which has long been the domain of forged irons.

So, we created the PTx.  The first game improvement iron that gives you the confidence and forgiveness you desire, with the feel, precision and consistency you refuse to give up. 

First in the industry “co-forging” of carbon steel and titanium produces middle and short irons that deliver pure forged iron feel, with advanced perimeter weight distribution. Long irons (20 to 31 degrees) feature advanced hollow forged construction with tungsten toe weighting to optimize launch and spin at long range.

The PTx irons are the first in the industry to incorporate a linear center of mass consistency, measured from the ground up, through the entire range of lofts. Longer irons have a lower center of mass and the scoring irons a higher center of mass. Each club in the set has its own unique weighting design to optimize launch and spin and increase forgiveness on off-center impacts.


In the spirit of unmatched precision at the new Ben Hogan, the PTx irons are off ered in every loft from 20 to 47 degrees. Each club is marked with its exact loft rather than conventional numbers to eliminate any guesswork or mystery.


An innovative sole design first patented for wedges by Ben Hogan President Terry Koehler in 1990, the V-SOLE® delivers improved turf interaction in all iron lofts, allowing a proportionately narrower sole for improved playability from all types of lies.


The Ben Hogan PTx irons are offered through an extensive custom-fit, custom build process, where each golfer can select the exact lofts to optimize
their gapping and trajectory preferences, and have them built on the right shaft, grip and specifications for length and lie angle that ensure optimum performance.

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