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They could redefine the entire category.

Modern wedges bear a puzzling similarity to those dating all the way back to the 1950s, the ones Ben Hogan said should not be hit over 40 yards. (This from a man who was known to hit his driver 300+.) What Mr. Hogan knew was that the heavy bottom and thin upper face caused very inconsistent distances with full swings.

That insight inspired us to completely re-engineer the design of wedges to make them much better at full shots than any other wedge you can play. And we built in even more innovations to make sure they were more versatile around the greens than the wedges currently in your bag.

The new Hogan TK wedges will show you that you are a much better wedge player than you might have thought.


Completely re-engineered to distribute mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead to deliver more penetrating trajectories on full swings, more forgiveness than any other wedges, and the distance control on all shots that is so important to scoring range performance.


Each loft has its own specific weight distribution to optimize performance effectively delivering a low launch and high spin combination.


The ultimate commitment to the precision Mr. Hogan demanded, drove us to offer every loft from 48 to 63 degrees (44-47 degree ‘P-club” replacement will be available in April, 2016).



Each loft has its own blend of a high-bounce front section with a low-bounce main portion to handle any lie or shot you might face.


Forged from 1025 carbon steel in a six step process that delivers extraordinary club-to-club consistency and unmatched feel.


100% CNC-milled faces and grooves designed to maximize shot shaping and spin performance.


Only Ben Hogan allows you to fully custom-fit your wedges with the exact lofts to fi t your game, and with the right shafts and specifications to blend seamlessly to your irons (no matter what brand they might be).

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