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Innovation from a proud legacy.

Since their introduction only a dozen years ago, hybrids have achieved almost universal acceptance among golfers of all skill levels. What most people wouldn’t know is that Ben Hogan was exploring this kind of versatile golf club as far back as the 1960s.

You see, Ben Hogan was always innovating – precision forgings, light steel shafts, the first game improvement forged irons . . . but back in his archives is this prototype . . . a ‘hybrid’ by any description.

So the first hybrids from the ‘new’ Ben Hogan Golf have quite an act to follow. And they do. The most advanced package of hybrid technologies in the business deliver penetrating trajectories and green-holding spin. Just what you want from your long range clubs. 


Increased launch and spin over any long iron design, along with steeper landing angle to help hold greens on long approach shots.

The overall volume of the clubhead decreases as the loft increases to enhance visual appeal and move the center of mass slightly forward as lofts increase.

Larger effective impact zone across the bott om of the face to inspire confidence and dramatically improve performance.



Four interchangeable weights (one of 18 grams) allows the player and/or fitter to customize ball flight to properly fit any player.

Also allows custom-fitting of spin rate and launch angle.


In keeping with our 100% commitment to unmatched precision in every golf club we make, the VKTR hybrids are offered in every single loft from 17 to 27 degrees. This is the only way to allow every golfer to select the exact hybrid lofts to accurately dissect the distance difference between their highest-lofted fairway wood and lowest lofted iron.


The proven performance of the Ben Hogan V-SOLE®, applied into a full 360º “race track” around the sole of the golf club improves forgiveness to varying turf conditions, and enhances the take-away performance.


Getting just the right hybrids in your bag should not be left to chance, so the VKTR hybrids are offered in the widest array of lofts, with the broadest selection of shaft options in the industry, many at no extra charge. Combined with the advantages of the PreciseLoft™ system and other innovations, the legendary Ben Hogan quality standards ensure that the golfer has the most precisely matched hybrids in the game today.

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