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Master the art of putting with Devil Ball! The flat-edged impact zone gives you instant, exaggerated feedback on your putter face. Only a square face will make Devil Ball roll straight!


With it’s flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates your putter’s face angle for instant, understandable feedback.


  • Up to 90% of a putt's start direction dictated by the face angle delivered. Improving this element of your putting stroke is fundamental to becoming a better putter.
  • With it's flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates the face angle of your putter at impact, helping you train to deliver the putter face back to the ball square
  • If you deliver a closed putter face, Devil Ball will spin off erratically to the left of target. Deliver an open face and it will spin off to the right*
  • Putts from 3-5ft are twice as hard with Devil Ball compared to a regular spherical golf ball. Train hard. Play easy
  • With three levels of difficulty built into each ball - Beginner, Intermediate & Pro - Devil Ball is suitable for golfers with all levels of experience.
  • To make your practice as close to the real thing as possible, Devil Ball is the same size and weight as a regular golf ball.

Devil Ball

    • 2x Devil Ball

    • 1x Alignment Marker

    • 1x Travel Pouch

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